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Frequently Asked Questions.

Wondering about something but don’t have the answer yet? Find some useful frequently asked questiones below.

Does MYSAFA take a cut of solidarity payments?

No. The FIFA Solidarity Payment Clearing House will pay clubs directly. MYSAFA only assists and facilitates this communication and payment and is entitled to no part of it.

What happens if my club fails to renew its annual MYSAFA Club Pro subscription?

Clubs must remain in good standing with their affiliated LFA and MYSAFA to be included in player passport records requested by and submitted to FIFA when an international transfer occurs. A club’s FIFA Connect ID will be updated to “expired” 90 days after the expiry of the club’s annual subscription.

My club developed players in the past that have signed professional contracts. How do I claim my solidarity payment?
MYSAFA has requested data from FIFA for all international player transfers dating back to 2010. As there is no published “expiry” of a pro club’s solidarity payment obligation, we will attempt to match previous transfers to existing MYSAFA CLUB PRO subscribers. Further details on uploading past player registration documentation will be released in August 2019.
My club cannot afford the subscription fee. What can we do?
Currently Inqaku and SAFA are looking for a funding mechanism to make this service available to all clubs, regardless of the relative wealth of that club.



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